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Yup another Advent Event. (Freebies).

United InshCon is a shop I know pretty well as there is a whole bunch of free stuff but also this is one of the shops regularly involved in the 25Ld Tuesday list and I always pop over.  Anyhow there is a pretty impressive advent table set out so just find the matching number to the day and click.

As soon as I rezzed this I knew I’d have to do a quick post just in case this is another one of those advent calenders where the gifts are only available for the one day and he’s a CUTIE!


I can’t remember what this gift is called but it’s something like “in love” and he’s blowing kisses to the cacti! The little wispy heart floats up into the air.  Awww true love and only 2 prims which I love LOL.

Although you will find the Advent Calander table right at the landing place this is a full sim of really interesting stuff from animals to food and a big Christmas market so a great way to pick up some of the freebies, bargains and something for your sim.

I’m making a little folder in my invent with all the Avent LMs but I’d recommend yo do as well because there is so many out there it would be a shame to miss them.

United InshCon