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Best 50 Lindens EVAR!

I have been waiting for the 1st for not just my RL advent Calendar but also the !g0 one because if it’s half as good as last years were in for 24 days of treats.  What’s even nicer is that there are just as many gifts set out men as well.  Honestly, they get so overlooked in SL and esp at Crimbo time so if you have a male  partner or friend in SL then push them this way.


The only problem about the !g0 advent calendar is that it’s so popular the place is HEAVING but persevere as it does also have quiet times, just check on the map before you go and you will be able to see how many others are there.  I will say though that even though it was busy everything rezzed just as normal which was a nice surprise.

I’ve been a Group Member of !g0 for years and years and I hate this shop because it’s one of the shops that makes me spend Lindens, unique styles that you will not find in any other shops, great colour and textures which make you stand out, people know when you’re wearing an !g0 piece of clothing.  What’s also nice is that Gocha Merlin hasn’t bumped up the joining fee, I did hear that one shop has done that in the past just for the December period, and in this case even if she had I would still say go for it because each of those boxes contains a shop quality outfit.  I am actually wearing the day 1 gift and I’m so pleased with it but I decided not to show you because again at 50Lds joining fee it’s a lovely way to treat yourself for so little.

Don’t forget the Group Gift dress either which is near to this display on the wall by the desk.

PS Check out my new home.


That’s my new big assed primtastic home.  Not sure what that dark thing is at the bottom of the picture is but then again I’m still in the process of cleaning, clearing and decorating the inside and outside.  I know that Faith and I have the privilege of a whole sim to play in, again it’s cheaper than you think, but Faith occasionally does a post about a new rental place and so I would say TREAT yourself.  If you shop around you will be able to find a snug home for few Lindens and just for Christmas you can have somewhere to just sit and relax.

Oops and pretty important, the gifts are only available for the day.  So basically get todays, the 1st because on the 2nd you will not be able to pick any backdated ones.

!g0 (Walk straight ahead and the pile of gifties are just inside the door to your left).