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Judgmental cat, super bargain and a freebie.

Found this free GG just yesterday but I’ve been holding on to the jewelry set for weeks because I was just waiting for a freebie of bargain priced item to match up.

The dress comes from emilyC’s and all mesh sizes and some mesh bod sizing plus a colour sliding Hud which means you can colour this dress in Zillion ways…ok maybe not a Zillion but you know what I mean.


I have, to be honest, and say that not only the shoes but my SLink feet were a bad choice so I’d highly recommend you don’t bother with them and a nice pair of flatties/ballet pumps etc will look much nicer as it allows the gown to be draped on the ground.

The dress is free but the necklace, and what you can’t really see is the earrings, bracelets, and ring isn’t but at only 10Ld for the set a bargain.


The jewelry is lovely, small brightly coloured pebbles and it’s going to be moved from my “blogg” folder to my “Jewelry” folder.  This jewelry set comes from Celestinas Wedding shop.  I do believe that to join the Group is 50Lds or you can buy the Group Gifts for 10Lds each.  There is a couple of outfits and a tray and each item is 10Lds.

PS I get the same damned look of my own cat!


Celestinas Weddings