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Be kind.(Freebie).

Aw, I broke my specs! and yes I am sat here typing away wearing glasses with the arm taped back on with a sticky plaster, can you get nerdier than that?  The funny thing is I have glasses, somewhere, that cost a fortune from an optician but FFS the ones from Poundland are BETTER!  If you’ve never tried off the shelf reading glasses you really should.

Anyhow just a quick un, mainly because I forgot the exact info and I can’t log in yet to get em, so a new Group Gift from Gizza.


Comes as separates so woo hoo for that and as you can see the jumper is a system layer which does comes with Appliers and I’m sureish(sic) that SLink and Omega were there BUT no matter what as I first wore this with one of my own jumpers on top as I’m not a great fan of this version and it looked super cute but then decided to show it as it is because a lot of people would prefer it like this.  Anyhow the choice is yours.

A bit of an icing on the cake is I do believe there is a matching men’s version so you SL couples can dress alike.

PS. Because I had a mesh jumper on but decided to take it off I forgot to reattach the cute bow to the front of the jumper.

PPS. Remember the Gizza gifts, and there is a whole shed load of them, are NOT in the shop but are actually outside where you rezz.  Ooodles of  gifts for men and women but all have been blogged before but make sure to check em all out just in case you’ve missed a cute gift.