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Non too shabby, shabby.(10Ld Hunt).

Honestly, I haven’t even returned to the Fantasy Cream Hunt before I got tempted by another.  Fortunately, for me, I have a few hours spare so as alway once I click “Publish” I’m going to be hunting down a couple of items from both hunts and checking out some of the shops I’m not too familiar with.

This is called “Autumn Harvest Hunt” and it goes on until the 26th so still a good amount of time to go hunting.  This isn’t totally free but at 10Lds dirt cheap and check this out.


As you can see this comes in a rezzer.  I just rezzed it on our sim and using our sim setting so you can see it.


Not the lightest of prim counts, sorry forgot to check but I’m sure it was about 50 but I could be wrong, you do get quite a lot for those prims such as the net curtain, candles etc.


A big fire and yes I know I’m stating the obvious lol.


The main is in 2 separate areas and there is a back room as well with a door to the outside.  The stairs lead up to a really good bedroom and all is in this shabby old worn paper.


Even the bedroom has the lit candles.

I’ve put the link to the LMs and pictures, at this moment I’m trotting around the sim in that ball gown from Cog & Fleur but I’m too lazy and too busy to show you but it’s worth more than 10Lds.

Autumn Harvest Hunt