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Tell me I’m Purty! (Freebies n stuff).

This is what happens when you go shopping on the SLmarketplace.


Who the Hell needs mesh heads when you can have a fanged mouth for a face?

I had logged in and thanks to one of our readers who gave me the hint for the Noble Creations Cream Fantasy Hunt gift which isn’t my toothsome smile it’s the belt with the pouch attached.  Well worth picking up and as soon as I get back inworld I will be continuing on with that hunt BUT couldn’t resist showing you my stunning dental work.

To get this gift from the “Creative Studio” shop you will have to log into the SLMarketplace, easy to use, SL linked and you simply use your SL name and password.  Then I ended up wasting, I mean spending a load of time snapping up all the freebies and gifts I could get my hands on and yes I know that 95% is going to be binned but sometimes like these fangs you find a goodie.

PS when I’ve finished unpacking, and binning all my marketplace finds I will be doing more of the Fantasy Cream hunt but I’ll put the link so you can give it a go now.

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Fantasy Cream Hunt LMs