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10 out of 10 for 10Lds (Superb Bargains).

A note off Colleen Macarthur to let us know that in her shop, Loordes of London, there is a wall of 10Lds goodies waiting for us and I was off like a shot.  I love Loordes of London stuff it’s so wearable and good quality, everything from the basics to the fancy but what I’ve always loved is her generosity with hunts and her bargains with the “The Wash” event.  I think I’ve kept about 80% of everything I’ve ever picked up from this shop I just can never seem to be able to bin it because it’s such good stuff.


Anyhow, amazing pants, shoes and top and each only 10Lds!


If I remember correctly these pants come in all standard mesh and mesh body sizes.  Check out the buckles and seams so realistic.


I picked these heels because I knew they would look good with these pants what I didn’t expect that they also fitted neatly under my pant leg, using SLink Physique body here.  A bonus for you non mesh feet people is that you obviously don’t need mesh for these.  But there is many more shoes there in different colours and styles. The top is also mesh but in my rush to post I didn’t go a close up but you can see it’s a nice simple basic cropped top and again there are more styles and colour options.

In the first shop you will see that these and many others are on wall with all the discount events ie “Steals & Deals”, “Secret Wednesdays” but have now been changed to just 10Lds so ignore the old price.  Demos are also there for you to try.  There is also a Dollarbie it’s the Hot Air Balloon, not sure whats in it but I will have shown it to you but probably a long time ago but I can guarantee it will be well worth the Dollarbie!

Make sure to check out BOTH LMs as the second shop has some different offers than the first as well as some of the same as the first but more colour choices ie the pants I’m wearing in her main shop you only have a choice of 2 shades but in the satelite shop there was about 6 colour options.

PS. Please ignore the hair IF YOU CAN! I will be doing another post about it when I basically find out more about it.  I would like to stagger the New Mina hairs but when she keeps on bringing out such good hair it’s too hard not to!  So I take more close up pictures of it and let you know more about it when I know….but damn it’s it goood!


Loordes of London

Loordes of London Satelite shop