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Pose with me, inc a Freebie of sorts.

Not everyone wants to own a sim or a home in SL, trust me it’s not as expensive as you think and if you find a like minded friend or friends to share the tier fee it’s cheaper than drinking, smoking or any other RL addiction you may have.  Even so with a whole sim to play with I keep a folder of Landmarks to lovely places to preen and pose in and I found this place last night.

It’s called “The Beguiled  Art Gallery and Studio” and you not only have a massive house packed with prebuilt room/scenarios/scenery to pose in but you have the WHOLE sim to play in which is landscaped for a poseurs delight.


Inside the building is everything from this cute ice cream parlour to a saucy bedroom.


This is the staircase to the windows where you can show off your “wares”!

It’s rare to find builds that come not only packed with poses but poses that actually work!  So I only used the inbuilt poses and deliberately took these in my Nams setting with no editing so you can see that anyone with even the most basic of camera skills can make great pictures, or at least a pretty decent one, now imagine these same pictures with a bit of wind light fun or editing. PS Every menu comes with an adjust menu as well.


ALL of this is FREE for anyone to use you don’t even need to join a group.  As if the great props “n” poses “n” a whole sim to play in wasn’t enough you CAN REZZ!  Yes, you have rezzing permission which is rare to find and that means if there is a pose ball you have or a prop you would like to use then you can.

I know that readers of this blog don’t need to be told this but for those who do DO NOT ABUSE the sim owners generosity, I don’t know if this is an “adult” sim but no effing with a friend or be a prim wh*re,  and please pack your stuff up! Again I know our lot don’t need to be told this but when Faith and I ran rental sims trust me the nicest of people can get a little bit “forgetful” with their prim count, messes, and sim rules.

I did spot a tip jar and I will be popping a couple of hundred Lindens in there because I can see myself using this sim often.  Don’t worry if you can’t just a few Lindens goes a long way to saying Thanks esp when someone or some people have gone out of their way to

As for the Freebie, just before I TPed over to this sim there was a shout out in the Cynful group that “Z” was on the Lucky Board so a quick TP and I snagged this skin tight sexy dress.  The Group Gift is one I’ve done but it’s still there and 100% sexy, the walls of Lucky Boards are 2 rooms behind the entrance, and the entrance is where you find the Group Gift, just open your Mini Map and follow all the dots as the LB wins are shop quality and varied and you always find lots of AVs stood there which means the change in initials is pretty quick.

The Beguiled Art Gallery & Studio

Cynful, Clothing and Co