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I need a Hero.(Ooodles of FREEBIES). UPDATED!

I need a “Hero” to hop on the blue pose ball in this super little Dinosaugh pose/set up gift I picked up from the Come Soon Poses stall at the “the 10th Vintage Gacha Fair”.


Simply way too many gifts set out at this event, I’m wearing the one from the Luas stall and although slave clothes aren’t my thing the belt, necklace, and sandals it comes with are going to be tucked away in my invent.


No Hero turned up so I hopped on the blue ball myself, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

What a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday, crappy horror movie on TV, cats snoozing, full tummy and to sit in world unpacking all of the goodies that have been set out for us.  Add to that the fact that this Gacha event has some very interesting Gacha prizes and I have 1 day left of enforced poverty and then I’m TPing back like a shot.

PS When I logged in to LM grab my invent said I had made “50” transactions and each was, of course, 0Lds so it goes to show you how generous the stall holders are and since this is a small event I think there are only about 55 stalls there in any case so you don’t have to walk around a massive sim to snag all the goodies.


So I settled back on my platform, rezzed my fav little attic and settled down to some unboxing and what a lovely selection,  yes of course I ended up binning a lot but then again I actually ended up packing stuff away to keep but as soon as I came across these “puddings” I just knew I had to do an update.


So cute n saucy.  Sorry forgot which gift box these were in but what the heck you need to go snag and work your own way through the pile because there is a bit of this n that, clothes, jewels, home and garden etc


2 Versions and even the one with the books it is I believe only 1 prim.


Lots of really good quality items.


This plant in the pot is only 2 prims and of course this is undoubtedly a keeper. The light patch on the floor is another keeper for me.

Again a mix of items and also a mix of quality but hats off to the contributors as they don’t seem to have stinted on the gifts.

The 10th Vintage Gacha Fair