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Gizem ALL (New Mina and a Bargain).

I’m slightly hyperventilating here because Mina has changed her hair colour packaging and sadly price but then again some things are worth paying for and mesh hair is definitely one of those things, so the price may have gone up to 300 for the basic shades, 350 for the special packs but that’s still not an unreasonable amount and add to that the fact that she’s giving it back to us in spadefuls, because now each colour pack comes with not just 5 shades but 10!! We’re not talking about 10 shades which are so similar you can hardly tell the difference, you’re getting 10 distinctive shades.

You’re really going to have to go to the Mina Mainshop and try on the demos to be able to see the colour palettes for yourself and since Hairology is PACKED at the moment you may just want to wait and since it goes on until the 30th even I will be able to finally treat myself because by then my enforced frugality will be over.

OK finally back to the hair, Gizem a lovely draped around the face with flattering tendrils and of course that amazing thick plait! Almost Rapunzel in length and thickness, but much more wearable than Rapunzel’s hair lol.


OK let me explain this picture, I firstly rezzed this house on ME which wasn’t my greatest look so I detached it and rezzed on the ground only it only to find that it was actually on its side so I tried to edit it back to normal and it swung one way then another then another then I just bloddy well gave up and pulled my poses in any case!


I love plaits, freckles, and gingers in RL, I have none of these attributes either.

This hair comes with all the colouring options from Brunettes to Pastel Ombres but as always check out the Ginger!


I’m never sure why but as soon as I put on plaited hair I change the colour to one of the reds.

So I’ve put the link to both the Hairology event and of course Mina’s I did manage to squeeze into the event but really esp since I believe there are gifts for us there I will be going back but at a later day as the lag hurts!

This dress is a simple little 5Ld thing I picked up from a shop called “Cream Spaghetti Hair” which is odd as there as far as I could see wasn’t a single hair to buy lol.  A small shop with random things inc a smaller selection of bargain priced items of which I know I’ve shown you one of the dresses before and if I wasn’t still in my “frugal” mode I would have picked a couple of them up to show you.  As it happens one of the 2 lucky boards came up with a “?” so I snagged myself another little dress.  This dress only comes in the 1 fitmesh size which fitted me fine and also it doesn’t hold up well for close ups but it really does look a lot better in the different windlight settings I went through on my LM grabbing.


Mina Mainshop


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