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Add on(Freebies).

A quickie post.

xxxhouse3 I had popped over to The Crossroads just long enough to grab the free for all gifts, next to the LM, which inc these shoes. (SLink, Maitreya andBelleze fits, 3 colour options.


This lovely wind chime in metallic colours, 3D in shape not flat so it hangs from the ceiling and not flat against a wall.  Lovely quality and 1 prim!  I did spot a great lamp, gorgeous tiara and stunning belt…thingy, I didn’t get time to try that one on and then RL wouldn’t leave me alone and I had to log out.  There might be more gifts as my visit was all too brief but I will be back as not only is this is stunning shopping sim it is now nice and calm and maybe by the time I get back over there I will either find more gifts or even by that stage treat myself to a little something.

The Crossroads