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Simple “n” Cute. (Freebies).

Breathe easy as this is a rush job which basically means less insane rambling and just the basic details.

Faith, she who must be obeyed, wasn’t too happy with my conky eyes in my last picturelol so here I am again.


As it happens it’s given me a good excuse to not just use one of the other shades in the colour hud but show you another great FREEBIE and yes it’s the EYES! LOL.  These are old GG’s from Mayfly but I did get a notice that there was NEW Free mesh eyes sadly I had so little time I just regrabbed these “London” ones and when I get back inworld with some time to spare I’m going to hunt down the newer gift eyes.

Mayfly eyes come with a comprehensive hud but even though it’s packed with so many options the Hud makes it so easy to customise your peepers.  It’s a NEW LM for Mayfly so if you want to pop in and you have the old LM bin it and grab mine.

PS Mayfly eyes do not on the whole come with system eye colours you MUST wear the Alpha and then the mesh eyes.


I pick up a lot of FREE hair in SL but I usually end up binning most of it cos I am spoiled with all the Mina hair I get but this hairis a cutie! Comes from Malo as has a small 3 lightly Ombre shades in it.


Ignore the jumper, it just an old thing I threw on, and check out the skirt.  Sweet “n” simple just like MOI!  Comes from Luas, now I quickly logged in to make sure I got the LM right and I spotted different GG’s at Luas, Luas is a large U shaped shop and I suspect there is at least 2 tables and above them on the wall is the GG’s so if you go just for this sweet skirt but don’t find it keep walking.

PS Go get those all of those flatties from my “simple Sunday” post!

Malo (Hair)



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