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I don’t think so!(Freebies).

The problem with a lot of the Freebies/GG’s etc is that the mesh designs are very much standard bought off the shelf sorta stuff with whatever texture the shop owner/designer etc decides to put on it means that a lot of these items look very similar…which is my excuse for showing you something that you’ve either seen before or think you have lol.


So a “classic” simple wrap over dress in a beautiful light summery texture.


In RL it’s pishing down and friggin frozzen, 2 good old-fashioned English words, and I’d give my eye teeth to be on a beach like this right at this moment.

OK, an honest moment here because this dress, although comes in ALL of the mesh/mesh body sizes, is a bit of a “tearer” which means when sitting, walking etc the mesh tears and you can see the body through it.  Let me make it clear when it comes to FREEBIES I for one say THANK YOU to all shops that give out freebies and undoubtedly those which give shop quality gifts gets a big fat kiss from me and those who give the less shop quality get a peck on the cheek off me LOL.  As said I do buy in SL and some of the items are well worth the Lindens and of course it’s good to help support someone who like most of us is trying to make a living in RL and even SL.  Plus lets face it a lot of people love the dressing up factor and just getting something new to wear for a couple of days until you get a new fav comes with it’s own feel good factor.  So wear this freebie with pride cos really who cares about a little splitting when you can pose so beautifully lol.

PS piccie is taken on our sim, sorry can’t remember the sim setting, and yes it’s a fake assed beach and it’s where I’m going to spend the next half hour unpacking and note sorting.

PPS sorry forgot which group you have to join to get this particular freebie but there is a small selection of GG’s and all are for free SL groups and all in the same place.

Sweet E’s