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Coincidences! (Freebies).

Only a day or so ago I mentioned my use of a camera Hud to make my SL world come down to a more natural RL world viewer and as I was reading a note from, nope sorry forgot to take a note of the name but guess what was in that note? details on how to change your SL settings to do the exact same thing! So if you don’t want another Hud cluttering up your screen you may want to try it out.  I’ve cut and pasted the instructions on the end of this post.  Sorry I should also make it clear that this note came from the owner/creator of La Galleria.

Now for the FREEBIES, La Galleria is a shop that regularly puts out gifties and I regularly go grab em but since these gifts are usually already set out/staged in one of her homes, the Seattle Bungalow next to the LM, and  I usually just take a snap of them there and then but I promise you I always grab em and use them in my own home.

The first gift is this Autumnal wreath, lovely, simple, exc quality and low primmed.


Just “buy” all the items and they’re only 0Lds.


COOKIES and the best sort, the nonfattening sort lol.  Click and buy for 0Ld or click and get a cookie to wear.xxxfreduse3

Only 3 prims and if you look closely that more orange leaf is one that is emitted from this little patch of pumpkins.  A nice subtle little Autumnal leaf rezzer, perfect for a small plot of land.

I have, to be honest, and say the style of houses/decor here isn’t to my taste but that means nothing because my taste in a lot of things is pants! BUT the one thing I do know is that these homes/decor items are idiot proof.  What I mean by that is not everyone has the eye, or the editing skills, to style their home.  Faith and I spend all of our times fiddling and changing our homes but some people don’t want that and if you go to a shop like ……for a price you can buy the whole lot kit and caboodle and with a minimum effort create a home where everything is in keeping with the style of the house. Or of course, you can just buy the pieces individually.  I’ve never really wandered around the sims with all of the homes rezzed on but seeing them all set out and all fully furnished is a great way to view homes as temp rezzers usually just show the shell of a build.

So here is the note inc for the changing your inworld settings.

“Here are the instructions for the camera settings you may not use it now but cut and paste and keep a copy OR even better go grab these gifties, 2 outside 1 inside the …house next to where

Would you like your camera positioned more like it is in other video games — not so far away from your avi, where it is always running into walls, doorways, and low ceilings?

A more natural feeling view?

Follow the instructions below:

1. Go into the Advanced menu at the top of your window (if it does not show, do Control > Alt (or Option) D ).

2. Open Debug Settings at the bottom. Type in: CameraOffsetRearView

3. Then enter these numbers:

X: -2.200
Y: -0.400 (Make positive for a left shoulder view or keep 0.000 for a centered view.)
Z: -0.100
Like the new view? Pass this notecard around to your friends!”

As said feel free to pass this note around or the LM to the Camera Hud.

La Galleria