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The girl can’t help it! (Inc Freebie).

I got a note off Faith yesterday and all it said  was “Go buy the Pure Poison FLF Boots” and she even sent me the 50Lds LOL.  So, of course, I had to go get em but I’m not showing them to you.


They do give me the perfect excuse to remind you that Pure Poison is a great free group to join because not only do you get exc quality shoes but all of the old GG’s are in a courtyard in the back of the shop.  The shoes haven’t changed since I last blogged them but if you’re new to this blog or you’ve not tried out the Free stuff at Pure Poison go on check em out and you may also find that the FLF (fifty linden boots) are still out to tempt you as well.

Remember this group is slightly different in that the Group Gift is actually in a Gacha so make sure you chose the Group Gacha and are wearing your tag.  The shoes generally come with a fit for all mesh feet.

I’m 99% sure I’ve not shown you these short shorts before but I could be wrong but since they’re perfect for this season here they are, again?


A great basic pair of shorts just waiting to be teamed up with tights/stockings/leggings and a woolly, perfect for the season.  This is a shop with a lot of random stuff in it and that inc lucky chairs/boards and quite a few other Group Gifts.  For this particular one go straight ahead and then turn to your right and it’s there with a lot of other stuff and then check out the rest of the shop as I did spot other GG’s.  These shorts seem to come in ALL the standard mesh and mesh body sizing.

It’s BONFIRE NIGHT in the UK which means a lot of fireworks, comfort food, time with family and or friends or if you’re on your own find a local event and just go to enjoy sights, sounds and smells that come with a lot of gunpowder going off but mainly remember to keep your furbabies indoors and safe.

PS as I was at Pure Poison grabbing the LM I spotted that there is a New Subscription Board so slap that and you do get a gift sent to you.  I’m logged out now so I can’t tell you what it is as I didn’t unpack it and I don’t think it is shoes, I could be wrong, but whatever it is I bet it’s goooooood.

Pure Poison

Sin Origional