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Not Working! (Freebies).

I’m not working today, today is a day for couch surfing, Netflix watching,eBay shopping and ok just a little bit of washing and cleaning cos no one likes a messy home even when slobbing.

Thanks to one of our reg readers, Shi, here is some really good gifties.


I think this picture just about works to show you just 5 of the Freebies I found, or rather Shi did, at Tiffany’s designs.


Shi sent me the mask which she is right does go with that stunning catsuit from a couple of posts ago and so I’ve slipped it into the same folder so it’s there for when I next “suit up”.  Actually, although she sent me a copy I’m not sure if the one given as a gift in the main shop is one so you’re going to have to go pick it up for yourself.  The necklace, lipstick, and this Applier layered outfit, shoes, mask and other stuff I’m not showing you are all FREE, I don’t think you even need to join a group to grab.  There is a paid for group and I do believe it’s just a 100Lds, check, though, and you get not just, even more, gifts but there is a whole rank of Lucky Chairs for Group Members and one for non-Group peeps.


Sorry these shoes are SLink High only but the clothes etc all seem to come in a mix of mesh bod, standard mesh sizing etc  DOH now That I’m fact checking it looks like with that body suit comes a hat/veil.  Never mind plenty left for you to pick up, unpack, bin what you don’t like and file away the things you do.

PS the mask, shoes, and a dress are just inside the entrance to your left but the rest of the Free and Paid for Gifts are on the right and the Lucky Chairs are further in the shop.  You might wanna be quick as well because it looks like the mask is on a time limit…so hop to it.

PPS Big thanks for any hints/tips/Lms that any of our readers think maybe of interest to us, I nearly always check them out and just because we don’t blog em doesn’t mean we didn’t appreciate it at all.  It may simply be a case of we have previously done it, it’s too similar to something just done or more often than not it gets sucked into our invent and is lost to time and memory LOL.  So keep the heads upcoming but never get upset if you don’t see it on the blogg.

Tiffany’s Design