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I never knew! (Freebies).

Faith and I have our own little shop’s events, hunts etc that we love to do and we try not to step on each others toes which is why I never realised that Neve was a FREE to join Group!  So not only did Faith drop that bombshell on me but when I mentioned the new FREEBIE she said go for it.  So for the first time ever here is me in a Neve.


Just a simple linked skirt n woolie, actually if time wasn’t so short I would have put a pair of coloured socks/tights/stockings/leggings etc under but RL is screaming for me to get my ass in gear.

The title says “Freebies” because I’m sorry but I have to show you the FREE Mina hair again that I know I’ve shown you a few times before but I can’t help myself because not only did I take such a nice picture of the hair you not only get it for FREE and since you have to join the SL frees & offers group which is one of the biggest and most active in world Freebie/offers group you get the benefit of getting so many links to super stuff much more than I could ever show you.


For once you only get the 1 shade, mid brown, but just look at this hair..GO ON LOOK AT IT! lol and yes that was my manic side coming through there.

To get this hair you have to go to the Mina Mainshop but don’t worry the SL Offers & Frees group invite is right next to the hair.  I have to say that Mina also has a group but this is a paid for one.  I cannot for the life of me remember how much it costs to join but there are 2 Mina GG’s there for you and I do believe you get a discount on any purchase of full priced hairs.  Just REMEMBER to wear your tag if you join and treat yourself to a new hair.

OK RL and work and all that boring stuff is calling my name so bye for now.


Mina Mainshop