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Couldn’t think of a snappy title for this post TBH can’t think at all the best I can manage is to sit here and moan…actually I’m starting to feel much better today.  My friend who gave me this cold popped in with an armload of cold remedies and treats to cheer me up, she is now forgiven and I’m starting to feel less like warmed up poo….I still made the postie flinch this morning when I answered the door though LOL.

So I have the energy to do a little quickie which isn’t just a Freebie but is also one of the 35Ld items I picked up from the Spooky Scary Sales yesterday.  So the dress is the 35Ld item and the Umbrella is the freebie from Bella Epoque.


Actually, I already had this dress in my invent and so now I have 2 but sadly neither are Trans.  The sim wind light was so dark so you can’t really make out the texturing etc but it’s a dark brown velvety top with a patterned ruched bottom can’t even think of the sort of material it’s called but think Victorian and you will know what I mean. You only get the 1 size but it fitted me perfectly.


This is the Halloween Freebie from Belle Epoque and you will have to join the Free Group and it comes with a pose, not used.  If I remember correctly it is just 7 prims if you want to rezz it as a decor item.

So I’m all dressed up as you can see and I have just enough energy to go on another hunt I’ve been given the heads up for so have a great day and I might just post more later.

PS if you’re not after anything spooky then the other GG from Belle Epoque is a rather pretty ribbon hair band.

Belle Epoque