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AWW Fluck it! (ooodles of Freebies & Cheapies).

I’m out for the count,dosed up to my eyeballs on Night Nurse, sucking on Strepsil’s, a pile of snotty tissues next to me and I’ve drunk so much coffee I swear my pee will be brown soon.  TBH if it wasn’t for a couple of important deliveries I would be tucked up in bed but instead I’m stuck in my chair feeling very sorry for myself and when they come I swear I’m going to breathe my nasty cold germs over them!

So today is a super lazy post but the weekend is just around the corner and although this event goes on right to the end of the month I thought instead of unpacking a couple of the MANY gifts and showing you a few of them I’d just collapse where I was take the piccie and tell you all about it.


Called the “Spooky Scary Sales” and WOO HOO everything is only 35Lds, everything from clothes to decor items and of course lots aimed for Halloween but lots not.  So many bargains I actually bought quite a few of the Gacha items but EVERY stall has a skull on it and the skull contains a GIFT!  It’s almost overwhelming.

Because I’m still waiting for my deliveries I’m going to pop in another Strepsil and sit on my platform unpacking and trying to take my mind off my aches and pains.

PS and of course I went back to LM grab and everything here is or was a 35Ld Sunday offer and if you walk to your right if you want even MORE gifts then join the Free 35Ld Sunday group and there are some boxes waiting for you there.

Spooky Scary Sales