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25Ld Tuesdays.

I’ve mentioned this weekly discount day before and fortunately for me a lot of the shops that put an item out at a slashed down price of only 25Lds leave them out all week because I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get the chance to do it but as soon as I got inworld and was checking my notes/notices I spotted this little beauty and I was off to grab it.


Long ago when I used to spend my Lindens as though they were confetti I bought almost the same identical thing but I sure as HECK didn’t just pay only 25Lds for it!   Although I’m always looking for the next cheapo I also look at all the new and fresh designs in SL because gradually those designs work their way down and become much more affordable for those who don’t mind the wait.


The shops on the 25Ld Tuesday list are aimed more towards the RP,Gor,medieval, rustic market but as I always say if you let those labels put you off checking then look at the sort of thing you could be missing!

This comes from the Mystique shop and I’ve gotten many of their 25Ld bargains in the past and I’ve shown you a few of them as well and I do know that they do stay up until next Tuesday.  BTW if you’re not keen on this shade then there are 2 other options in the Hippo board for you to choose from and make sure you buy only from the clearly market 25Ld Tuesday hippo board.  Right next to the 25Ld Tue board is the 30Ld Saturday board and that’s a most unusual rug with a chair back, you will see for yourself if you go but that too might just be mine when I go back to LM grab.

This is a really good shop to slap the sub board or even join the group as Mahi Dreamscape (mahilwen.mistwalker) has weekly discounts on shop quality items of clothing and decor and it’s a shop I never miss out checking out.

PS If you already have Mistiques LM in your invent, scrap it and this is a new LM.