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Dumping n running.(Super bargains).

SF never fails me and SF stands for Shutter Field and it’s one of those shops I like to pop over to every few months to see if there is any new stock and of course check for freeness.  The Group which was once free to join now comes with a joining fee of a measly 20lds and so even a cheap B*atch like me can’t complain esp when it’s TOP QUALITY decor items.

I’m not showing you everything that’s set out just the new stuff which means there is some nice surprises if you haven’t already got them in your invent.


A hanging metal tub and I have, to be honest, and say I don’t think my piccie is really doing this justice.


Now this is a much better picture.  Look at the details in this and if I remember correctly it’s either 2 or probably 3 prims.


These 3 planters are all in the same gift box and are just so good.


Lastly dinner is on me, burger and beer or wine and steak.  The stool with the books and the metal tub containing candles are again gifts but I’m 99% sure I’ve shown you them before.

Anyhow yes this is a very quick post…lucky you lot lol.  As I’ve said even if there isn’t anything here to interest you there are other exc GGs which are all out for you to check out before you decide if you want to join the group but for 20Lds! it’s a no brainer.

Have a great Sunday and I will see ya’s later.

Shutter Field

Noooo don’t rush off! So I popped back inworld to LM as always and as I did a quick scan I spotted these and yes they’re GG’s as well but because they’re not in one of the shops with the other GG’s I almost missed them and I would have been KICKING myself!


Gorgeous and low primed and perfect!