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Drat! (New Mina, Freebies & Whole Load of GG’s).

As soon as I think we have done it and our sim is looking at it’s Autumnal best I come across a shopping sim that is just how I think our sim should look in Winter.  So being an opportunist I took advantage of this cool blue sim to pull a few poses and snap away.


OK, first the outfit which is a stunning freebie from the AnaMarkova shop.  The AnaMarkova group isn’t free to join but more about that later, however there are 2 gifties out for the SL Free’s & offers group and this edgy outfit is one of them.


Comes in all the fitmesh and most mesh bod sizes woo hoo.  Shop quality and you all know what I mean when I say that. Oops I’ve just remembered there is another Freebie out for the SL frees & offers group but I can’t remember what it but of course you can have a nice surprise if you get this and the other one before I do my next post.

OK confession time, I wasn’t going to show you this Mina hair because I just didn’t know what I thought of it.  So I tucked it away in my invent and as soon as I put on this outfit I knew it was going to work so well.


Since I wasn’t going to show you this hair I’m not 100% sure of the details but I do know it came from or still is at the Shiny Shabby event and if that’s over by now it should now be in the Mina main shop.  I also believe that this hair is one of the rare Collabs that Mina Nakamura does but I could be wrong.  One thing I’m sure of is when I get back inworld I will be fact checking for sure so check out the end of this post for any corrections I need to make.  I do know however that you get 2 versions, along with “material” and “non-material” versions, the non-material is just as good at the material but she adds that as a standard for those who’s comps may struggle with SL and isn’t that a really lovely thought.  The 2 main choices are a slight change to the bangs/fringe and a with or without the chains across your face choice.  Usual colour pack for the hair but no hair band colour choice.  As I said at first I didn’t know how to work this hair so I was going to let it slide but as always when you find the right outfit you know exactly what shoes/hair/makeup will take it to the next level.

Now for the non-free Group Gifts, to join the AnaMarkova group it costs 100Lds but if you check the shelf behind the desk it’s got all of the old and some new GG’s so for a token 100Lds you can snag away.  I’ve not had time to unpack them all yet and I will try to take a snap of some and tell you what the rest are in my next post but check out the shoes, because they’re so white they are blending into the snow a bit LOL but they are one of the GG’s from AnaMarkova.

UPDATE I’ve had time to read the note which comes with the Collab Mina hair and yes it is a collab between Mea Carnel who has a shop called Meva.  I’ve left my AV stood in the entrance way of Mea’s shop so I can have another look around as I think I have been here before but I’ve forgotten what the stock is like plus when you’re greeted with a message telling you there is a Group Gift waiting for you you know I will be back to get it LOL.

PS Don’t forget to keep the SL Frees & Offer group tag on because as mentioned before there is a stunning Freebie for that group out at the Mina Nakamura main shop so don’t forget to check that out as well.


Mina@Shiny Shabby (still on and lovely and quiet)

Mina Main Shop

Meva Main Shop