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Sim Restart!(Freebie).

I  wish I had done more “adulting” stuff yesterday because today my to do pile has built up so high it’s threatening to topple over so I’m keeping this as simple as I can so I can get back to “adulting”


Simple shorts n top set, come as separates and both come with Huds.  The image on the front doesn’t change but the colour does.  You might also spot the crown on the hip and on my bum is the word “Doll” I think.  Normally I stay well away from sloganed clothes but the colours in the Hud are perfect for this season I’ve slung a pair of sneakers on and I’m ready to start cleaning up my prim eating mess outside my home next time I log in.

Not only this but a whole load of freebies are to be found at the FLG shop actually there seems to be a gift for many different”Kroll” groups and to get this one you will have to join the “Kroll” group but all the group gifts and invited are all in the same place and all are free to join.

As I was LM grabbing a sim restart notice came through so that’s my SLing over for the morning, have a great day.

PS if the LM doesn’t take you to where all the goodies are it’s the door to your right just follow the sounds of the farting skeleton!

PPS No rush as the sim was being restarted but it should be back up and running soon but I don’t think there is a time limit on this and the other GG’s set out.

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