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Refusing to “Adult” (Dollarbie).

Nope that’s it I’m refusing to adult today, sod work, sod housework, sod answering the phone, sod wearing a bra, sod answering the door or emails and most definitely sod the gym, today is a day for mooching, pottering and doing sod all and doing it well and of course that also inc coming inworld and just trying to sort out my SL home because at this moment it’s just one big mess with stuff all over the place and you can see some of it in this piccie.

OK, enough rambling and a quickie of a lovely Dollarbie I picked up off the SLmarketplace.


All linked and you can see why, because it spells out the word “Fall” on the jars. ARGH, I’m penny pinching which is hurting because while you’re adding this to your basket check out the Pumpkin wreath and only 1 prim! There is no inworld shop for you to check out the quality but if it’s anything as good as this Dollarbie and at a price tag of just 95Lds so cheap and so good looking.  If you have a few more Lindens and Prims then check out the Harvest wagon as well.  To me, this is all new stuff, new designs, and a new shop for me to keep a beady eye on.

Mint (Marketplace)