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Untouched! (Inc a Freebie).

Not a complete free post but OMG I’ve just been checking out the “The Upcyclers Hunt” and I’m going to have a lazy RL day in SL and go shopping for what looks like some seriously Free and quality home decor items and all of that will be in my next post until then spend some Lindens B*tches!

A bit of a mix here because why not.  Firstly I put on an OLD PumeC Group Gift called Nicole she comes as standard with all the Appliers you will ever need inc I believe some mesh head ones.  As said this is an old gift but I just wanted to show you another shade that PumeC has in their range because I usually stick to the paler Winter/Spring shades but there are also amazing sun kissed to much darker shades.  On a close up you will see that she has gentle tears falling unlike the real me.

As for what Group Gifts that may be out at this moment I do not have a clue! When I went over to LM grab yesterday the place was packed with people joining the PumeC group whilst it’s FREE so I’ll leave that for you to find if you go over yourself.


This is me inworld with our sim wind light setting, which is a new one.  In this picture, I’m not even pulling a pose that’s just my AO in action, a nice smooth and unfussy one, but I will admit I’m using a face light.  Because I take soooooo many pictures using wind light and or indoors etc  I got sick of having to put one on and off all the time and so I now leave it on all the time.  This face light is not only one of the most subtle and flattering to your skin it does NOT floodlight you or anyone near you.  Just so subtle you will forget you’re wearing it and even better no one else will notice you’re wearing it. PS I will try to find where it came from and link that for you.

Update because I’ve checked and this is a Facelight that was made by a private individual and sent out in a group I’m in as a gift.  She made it even better because it’s COPY and TRANS so I’ve made a whole load of copies and if you want to try out a super and subtle facelight just drop me a NOTE! lol IM’s don’t get ignored they get capped so a note is always a better way to contact us.


It’s been a while since I’ve had an outfit from Ever Wonder and her shop More Than Ever.  She knows I like to do mainly Freebies so she sends me lovely outfits and never gets snotty if I don’t blog em cos she knows I’m “a cheap b*tch baby” but I love this, I love the fit, the fact it comes separated so you can wear the skirt or top on their own and each item come with a small 3 Hud tex option all in the same shade theme.  This one is the Fawn Woodland pack and in my other picture is one from the Fawn Bramble pack and a fit for all mesh bods


Not just a close up of the face but the HAIR is a New Mina and this time I ain’t leaving it too late as FaMESHed has just opened it’s doors, my last post about FaMESHed was done just as they were slamming the door shut LOL.  This time, I’m pretty happy with my pictures as I think they do show Zahara off as best as poss.  As always I’ve been so predictable and stuck with a shade of brown but again there is a whole palette of shades to choose from everything from bubble gum pink ombre to the blackest of black and so a shade for everyone and unlike a lot of new designs Mina’s is still the standard price for a pack.  As always a link at the bottom to the Mina main shop so you can try the hair on without the crush that FaMESHed will be.

But also please check out the hat hair in her shop, great winter beanies for men and women cos we like to keep our hair seasonal just like our clothes LOL.

I simply cannot do a post without at least 1 Freebie in it.  Not just a pair of shoes but 3pairs, 2 heels and 1 flatties.  Not 100% sure I’ve not actually don’t these shoes before but even if this is a reblog still well worth it.


You do have to join the SL frees & offers group to grab these ones, the group joining sign is right next to them.  Shoes for not just SLink but also Maitreya and others…yeah ok I’ve forgotten so SHOOT please don’t.  A nice touch is that the delivery boxes is a shoe box with the shoes that are inside on show and they’re low prim, only 2 I believe, and they make a great bedroom/dressingroom decor item.


Mina Mainshop

Livalle (Shoes)

More than Ever@The Designer Showcase

More Than Ever Mainshop