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Seriously, really, WTF and last to know.(FREE Group Joining Free for PumeC).

I still remember the first time I put a PumeC skin on, it’s called Vlada and I still have her and wear her, and it was LOVE at first sight.  You will know PumeC’s skins very well because I wear them 99% of the time in all of my pictures, I might just dig out a couple of my fav old pics from Flickr.


Anyhow at the moment the joining fee is FREE so I’d be pretty quick if I was you.  I’m not going to lie and say that there is as many Group Gifts put out now as there used to be but when a GG is put out everyone comes running.


So get inworld and join whilst you can and maybe even try on some of the full prices skins because you do get a lot for not an unreasonable price in any case.  Sly otebis from day one has packed each skin pack with so many different layers, brows etc BUT also Appliers for ALL the big mesh add-ons as standard.  This was at a time when skin merchants were charging 100Lds just to buy one applier pack


Honestly, all you need is one PumeC skin and with the use of lippy/eyeshadow etc her skins are so versatile.


I’ve only been able to find these more paler shades in our media folder but I’ll also put my Flickr link for you and again unless it was a free skin from another shop 99% of what you see is a PumeC but trust me PumeC has every shade under the sun

PS of course my shape will also affect how the skins look on me but of course if you treat yourself to a full price one try the demo first.

PPS I will also put the link to the PumeC Flickr group so you can see how many people wear her skins plus you may just noticed that I’m the top poster for skins in that group.


My Flickr

PumeC Flickr

4 thoughts on “Seriously, really, WTF and last to know.(FREE Group Joining Free for PumeC).”

  1. Not sure if you are aware but Pumec has two lovely skins, Evie, in two different skintones, full packs out @ The Forest. The admission to the event is 1k but that’s less than two skins would be ordinarily plus you also can snag 3 hairstyles 1 fatpack of shoes from Breathe, 3 dresses (one of them is for maitreya only) and some really nice landscaping and decor items plus stuff I’ve forgotten. If you aren’t familiar with The Forest, there’s a post on it on my blog.


    1. Ooo thanks for that. Not sure if I’ve even heard about “the forest” but you know what it’s like you can sometimes drown under so many posts and notices etc. Quite a price tag on the entry fee and as you know I’m the “cheap b#*atch” so I’ll pass this info onto the “rich b*atch”…that Faith LOL.

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      1. I am sort of both at once, I have my main which is where I dropped the 1k and my noob who is not going to be going there! So I feel you, but I found your blog today and I really like both of your posts and saw you mention pumec 😀 I have several pumec skins on my main that i got at various events and was pleased to see them in The Forest and thought I’d share. 😀


      2. Thanks for thinking and linking me to the event. I don’t mind spending Lindens and your absolutely right even for the entrance fee if you get 2 PumeC skins for free then heck yes I’d go for it. But I like you have so many of them LOL…it’s an addiction that I will give this one a miss. Again thanks for the link though I’m still going to do a search and see what sort of goodies are there because sometimes you do get so much it’s well worth it in the end.


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