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I’ve not got broken feet! (Update on the stockings).

The lady who is a regular reader of ours and sent me the link to the Autumn stockings/socks gift from Lushish Catz must have the patience of a SAINT! She felt bad that they didn’t work for me, why I have no idea! but she worked hard and this is the note she sent to me….

“I used my regular body and slink feet. I wore the system stockings and then tried the slink applier. No good, so I pondered a bit. I then put on my slink physique HUD, selected feet on the underwear layer and undies for the alpha mask. I then used the slink applier for the stockings, using underpants. It worked! I can’t believe it, I actually figured something out.”

I can’t believe she actually did manage to work it out I sure as heck gave up after about 20 mins of fiddling and cursing.

So if you have already got the set for yourself or are still thinking about it then cut and paste this onto a note and slip it in with the folder with the stockings.  They’re well worth the small effort it takes even if I didn’t really do them justice in my picture.

PS of course you don’t have to even wear a mesh bod or presumably mesh feet to still be able to wear these as a system layer but thats no fun LOL.

Lushish Catz