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I have grass! and freebies.

Woo Hoo and get yer mind out of the gutter because the “grass” I have is the sim landscaping sort LOL.  Although our sim is always open it will be pretty soon when we will send out a reinvite for people to come and just hang out maybe even do a lot of posing for pictures etc. Trust me when we’re 100% happy we will let you know and remember what I say, you don’t bother us and we won’t bother you so if you just want to check the place out for a couple of minutes or spend the whole day here we don’t mind.  My home, when I finally finish it, is always open so you want to sit inside on your own or with friends absolutely feel free and I won’t even bother you but Faith likes a little bit more privacy and so her home on the hill is a no go area. but as soon as the sim is ready you lot will be the first to know.

Now to the FREENESS.  Actually, I had gone for another dress but I’ve lost it! my invent swallowed it up so I decided to put on another Mina woollen hat/hair and really try to find a great Winter warmer to go with it and OMG 2 minutes of looking I found this!


For once I don’t care that this is a one piece because I would choose this skirt and this top to go together even if they were separated.


A close-up of the top half plus I’ve snuck another one of the Mina Hat hairs.


This last piccie is just for Faith, it’s one of those days a person needs to be looking at piglets and chickens.  Actually, a lot of our picture taking will be on our sim so you will start to see more and more of what is there for you to use as you wish ie this little cottage/hideaway is yours to em hideaway in LOL.

OK enuff for now it’s lunch time and when you manage to rezz a building onto yourself it’s time for lunch!