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Owl Hunting, Freebies.

Gonna make this a quickie because I want to get over to the Sanarae event and snag, snag and snag away.

Yesterday I popped back over to FaMESHed to check something out and spotted that this is actually another FREEBIE!


In my last FaMESHed post I did was about the New Mina but I had also spotted that the steaming pan of bread on the Apple Fall table was set to 0Lds, it was the table I popped back to check the price on, and there was also a couple of old group gifts still out and still worth grabbing if you haven’t gotten them yet but this owl chair is also a Group Gift!  How I missed it is because it’s set out on its own stand and it was only because I had decided to price check it when I spotted that it too is set for only 0Lds!  Once I’ve done Sanarae I’m going to price check everything in that event just to make sure I’m not missing another superb freebie.

But be quick I don’t know when this event is over but I think it’s probably going to be sooner than later.

BIG Thanks to one of our readers for leaving the link to some Autumnal stockings but I am a FAILURE! cos I couldn’t get the applier to work for my feet and the picture that comes with this gift seems to show it works with SLink feet and comes with the appliers for that and Omega Appliers.  So thinking it was time to get an updated version of my SLink feet I TPed over to the main SLink shop clicked the redelivery and clicked a resend and ended up resending an SL Physique body! DOH so I decided to slap on a pair of boots and just go with it lol.


And of course, I had to actually pick the most beige of the colours out of the 4 colour options! I was going to wear the orange pair but I blended too well into the pumpkins and then I decided I really needed a cup of coffee so I snapped a piccie and logged out.

To find this freebie you have to walk to the room behind the main entrance and it’s right there on the wall, the thing I also noticed is that the group is free to join at this moment but I think it used to be 50Lds because that’s what the note that comes with the pack of stockings said so I don’t know if this is just a tempory thing or something permanent so go now and snag now just in case but even if it goes back up to a joining free 50Ld is hardly a fortune.

BIG THANKS not just to our reader who gave me the heads up for these stockings but the other lady who gave me a link to some interesting builds.  We always appreciate it but if you don’t see the item you gave us the heads up about being blogged don’t be upset.  Sometimes we run out of time, we have something similar to blogg or in the case of the builds, I’m going to be doing them soon.


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