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I’m torn. (Freebie skin).

Something is borking RL and SL and it’s driving me borking mad.

So I escaped RL mainly because I knew I had this skin to show you but this morning was the first time I tried it on and now I’m torn as to whether to show you it or not……so I tossed a coin and Voila!


The actual skin is a lovely sweet, pale, simple, peachy freckled skin and I ADORE freckles but the reason I’m wearing gloves and slippers, sorry both now unavailable, is because although you get a Hud with this and it has the Omega Hud which worked on my SLink bod it didn’t on my hands and feet.

The other little thing that made me go “hmmm” was the top lip, there is just a hint of texture stretch I think you will know what I mean when or if you pop over to “Dark of the Moon” to snag it for yourself.

So why am I showing you this if I’m having “hmmm” moments?  OK, firstly the omega issue might be just me not clicking the right layer option, trust me I’ve had a bad attack of STOOOPID for the best part of this morning and anything is possible,  as for the lip I usually add lipstick to my AV in any case the only time I’ve not got a lippie on is when I’m showing you a skin but in every picture I can guarantee I’m either wearing a lippie or teeth tattoo .  So I tried on a couple of lipsticks and they cover that little flaw up a treat.  The last things is this is a really GOOD base skin, as I’ve said this is a “lovely sweet, pale, simple, peachy freckled skin” and it’s really hard to find a good free freckled skin and with blush/eyeshadow and lippie layers you can create endless looks.  So with a little bit of effort to SLink match your hands or of course if you’re wearing clothes and shoes any difference between hand/feet colour won’t be noticeable and of course your omega or there was other Mesh Bod Huds inc in the pack may work for you.

OH and PS check out the adorable box it comes in, I actually keep a folder full of the delivery boxes that are not only cute but low prim because these make great decor items.  Although this one isn’t mod it’s only 2 prims so once I get back inworld I’ll be tucking that box into that folder for future use.

Dark Of The Moon