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All the boxes are being ticked. (Freebies)

So far it’s been a 10 out of 10 day and that’s even before I got into SL lol.

Disclaimer because the pictures were a bit dull so I went all out and smeared the pictures with SL Vaseline which has given the pictures a lovely softness and lightened them but trust me the clothes AND Mina’s hair didn’t need any help to look so good.

OK, first of all, A FREE MINA!  It’s rare for a completely free hair to be offered by Mina Nakamura so to find that she has one set out in her main shop for SL frees & offers group, obviously free to join, was a lovely surprise.  Although I was already a member of this group there are so many posts for free and super bargains that this one passed me and it was only when I was LM grabbing for my last post and  spotted all the SL frees & offers group members crowding around the gift board snagging away did I find out about it!


I’ve forgotten the name of this hair but I’m pretty sure this is one of her most recent hairs so you’re not just getting some old thing dusted off from her back stock.  What you are just getting is this one shade and although the actual hair is a dark blonde/light brown I knew that if I added some red tones to my look, ie brows and freckles it would also be in the “ginger” range.

Just lovely to see top quality, shop quality items esp hair given as a gift, add to that “top quality, shop quality” a couple of free dresses and it’s a great start to a misty day.


This dress comes from Snowpaws which isn’t a shop I frequent often but I knew there were some goodies and I like to grab goodies.  This dress is the Third Life group gift and the one below is from an inworld freebie group called Fabfree which is pretty FAB and so very busy.


Again disclaimer because the editing has changed the colours etc but I don’t think it’s actually improved them because inworld they look so good.  All the group invites you will need, and there are more GG’s for other groups are right next to the gifties.

So I’ve had a pretty good morning, RL work is done, house is cleaned, the mist has burned off and the sun is coming out so my new solar lights might actually get enough power in them so my garden will be glowing tonight.

Mina Main Shop