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Woo Hoo Summer is here…wait! WHAT! (Freebie).

Honestly, it’s GLORIOUS outside so sunny and warm and soon I will be heading out to do some chores but also to saunter and just enjoy this balmy day so lucky you lot you get a fast n quickie…ooeerr.


The freebie is the cardie/top combo from Indyra There are actually 2 gifts this and a super chunky orange necklace and I recommend you grab the necklace as well because it’s a real stand out piece and the only reason I’m not wearing it is because I didn’t want to distract you from checking out the New Mina hair.


I wore this hair in my previous post but I wanted to show it off a bit better, I also changed the shade to a light brown.  Zoom in on the lovely little-curled tips, it’s details like that which really makes Mina stand out.  This hair is called Wynona and it’s only available at the latest round of Hairology. As always I’ll put the link to Mina’s

As always I’ll put the link to Mina’s main shop but fortunately for us lag haters although Hairology is a very popular event it’s usually calm enough to be able to call in at any time.  But of course in the main shop you get to see all the other New hairs and you can try everything and anything you want on in the same place.

OMG check out my next post, which I will post almost straight away, for a FREE Mina and a Mina hair I LOVE.

PS The Indrya LM takes you to a lovely and small shopping mall and although it’s nice to be able to check out the other shops if you’re short of time then the Indrya shop is behind you and the 2 gifts are on the 2 side tables in the entrance, sorry I can’t remember if you have to join the group or not but even if you do it’s still free to join.



Mina Main shop