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Not everything in life is free, but I do have FREEBIES.

As I said in my last post I decided to do my little bit and went to Zerkalo and went click crazy.

But first some purty piccies.


As I was wandering around the shopping sim I spotted a couple of little scenes set out on the water and since they all have the spirit of Zerkalo about them and the sims wind light setting is so nice I just took a few shots so you can get a feel of what’s there.


Don’t worry not everything is white, floaty and feminine there is enough browns, wood and leather for those who like a more solid look.


And then I went shopping.  Everything you see in the crates behind me is what I splurged on.  TBH I struggled to be able to pick and chose from the shop so in the end since there was not only so many Gacha’s but Gacha’s where I would have been more than happy with any prize I won so I just clicked away. Though of course I made sure to have money left over so when I get back inworld I’m off to the “The Book of Daniel”  event and although I’m only going to buy what I want and can use considering the list of creators who have so generously given to this event it’s not going to be hard to be able to go click crazy.

However even if you don’t have any spare Lindens you can still treat yourself because the unpacked items are FREE and there was even more which I didn’t pick up as I already have them but from memory they’re TOP QUALITY amazing freebies so even if you don’t like what you see make sure to still go as you will be happy with what else is set out.


This bean bag seat is new to me and omg look at the quality texturing, I can’t even knit that good!  So lovely and the more uprightness of this bean bag is unusual and of course, it contains great poses.


I have already shown you this great freebie but since I rezzed it I included it esp because you get 2 versions and 2 shades, brown and black shades and PG and Wooo Adult..which I’ve never tried out but I can only imagine that the adult moves will be as quality as the PG ones.

Just in case you’ve forgotten about it here is a link so you can read a bit more about “The Book of Daniel” and more importantly the two humans behind the AV’s and this story.

“The Book of Daniel”

“The Book of Daniel Event

Zerkalo Inworld

Zerkalo Marketplace