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A great start, great freebies and a GREAT cause!(Freebies).

Woah such a busy morning this is the first time so far I’ve been able to sit and blog, I’ve been so busy I’ve not even had brekkies yet! So it’s lucky for me that I took not only some time out yesterday to do some landscaping on our sim but also to take a couple of snaps of some FREEBIES and an EXTRA SPECIAL MINA!  So pay attention at the end.

Faith is laying the foundation, ie the roads and path’s etc and anything else that takes her fancy and I’m following on behind her like a little Sim Fairy scattering tree’s and plants along the way and so far this is one corner of our sim….we just have 3/4’s left to go!


The freebies are the dress n shoes, both from the same shop, ZD which stands for Zhora Designs.  Although there is a GG out for the ZD group to get these you will have to join a group called “Third Life” and “SL frees & offers”, both of which are excellent inworld groups for free and brill bargains.  Don’t worry as the group invites for both of them are right next to the gifts.

When you go in the shop turn to your left and on the wall just on the inside is where you will find these goodies but turn to the right and you will find a row of Lucky Chairs.

Both the shoes and dress come with a lot of mesh bod and feet options so no matter what you wear there will be a fit that fits.

This hair is a special one.  Riva is a recent style from a previous event, can’t remember off hand which one, but I think it’s been revamped with a small dip dyed colour Hud which as it happens turns out to be full of what I consider to be Autumnal shades.


This is the hair from the back so you can see the “dip dyed” effect.  This hair is only going to be available at an event called “The Book Of Daniel” and I dare you to read the story behind the event and NOT BE MOVED!  I have to confess that I too have only just read the reason behind this fundraising event and I’m choked up!

Someone else is now living our nightmare, the thing that we dread to think of happening to ourselves and a loved one IS happening to this man and his wife.  The harsh reality is that any funds raised in SL would only make a dent in any medical bills BUT the generosity of people coming together and donating goods to raise money and people buying these items will mean so much more to this couple than any financial impact.

This event is open from tomorrow but even though I’m going to be there as the sim doors opens I’m off to Zerkalo later today.  Because even though my invent is stuffed with Zerkalo items I know there is many items I’ve out off buying and of course there is always new stuff to treat yourself to. If you’ve never been to Zerkalo, what is WRONG with you!  Unique & stylish items for your home and garden.  This is stuff crafted by people who not only want to try to make a living out of SL but also want to make SL a lovely living place for others.  So spend, spend and spend some more and not only will you be rewarded by the feel good factor of just helping a little bit you will also be filling your SL home with quality.


Zerkalo Main shop

ZD (Zhora Design)