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Girl on fire!

OK here is a good old fashioned moan, so friggen hot and not only hot but humid, it’s been like this for days.  Since I married a human radiator I’ve slept the past 2 nights on the settee where it’s just a little bit cooler than our bedroom but it hardly helps as it’s so hot through the night.  Yesterday I spilled my bottle of water on my lap and usually I would have jumped up and cursed my bad luck etc but this time the cool water hitting my overheated crotch was so welcoming and quite pathetically I remained sat in my little puddle of coolness till I felt slightly ridiculous and went upstairs to change into dry clothes.

OK moan over and here is a FREEBIE for you.


This is just a vanity shot as you can’t really see the dress but I just thought I looked super cute lol.


This dress comes from Kendracy and it’s called “Back to school outfit” which is why I’m in a schoolroom but if I turned up to school in this sexy little outfit I’d be sent straight home again lol.

AH now I’m LM grabbing it’s reminded me, the LM takes you to the part of the shop where there is a selection of Group Gifts and to grab this outfit you have to join the “Mesh Body Friends” group and if you like any of the other GG’s you just have to join those groups as well.  The group invites are right there above the pictures of the gifts so you can see whats on offer before you join.