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Free for All



I was beautifully surprised yesterday, I had popped over to Free Dove as I do every coupla months. Spotted this gorgy outfit from Stars Fashion! I havent noticed it before so I assume its new’ish? Anywayyy if you’re not in the know about Free Dove listen up . Its been in Second Life since foreverrrrr and is rub by  Palomma Casanova. Everything is free, hair, fashion, jewellery (for guys & girls). Over the last year its been revamped and re stocked – go take a look, if you got a few spare pennies – donate them<3. Sooooo the outfit comprises of a cute shorty dress and a pair of shooz. Hud has colour change for shoes and dress, fittings are for Slink and standard avatar, shooz are for Slink. Thanks Free Dove !

The Free Dove

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