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Awwww nooo!

Drat I wish I had found this event earlier today as I couldn’t imagine a nicer way to kill a few hours on a lazy wet Sunday afternoon than wandering around a fascinating shopping and a “Japanese Horror” event called Ubume.

You start your journey off in a school room and you have two doorways, one leads to this amazing shopping sim/event and the other to the game play area.  There is a Hud for you to use when playing the game and I have that so when I can spend a bit more time inworld tomorrow I can check that out fully.


Till then I went through the shopping sim door to find a very dramatic sim waiting to be explored.  OK I have absolutely edited this picture but although the sim’s wind light setting is stunning it made for a way too dark picture so I had fun and brightened and highlighted it.

XXXOrigamiuseThis is very much a Japanese themed shopping event packed with everything from poses to furniture and of course plenty of Gacha’s.  This wearable light has little creatures swimming around inside and when you click on it it opens up and sparkles fly out.

Origami & Ubume