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Everyone’s gone to the Arcade (New Mina & Freebie)

Because everyone’s gone to the arcade event it means FaMESHed has finally calmed down enough to be able to move.  If you remember my last post there was some Gifts set out and also the loaf of bread on the Apple Fall stand waiting to be grabbed but what I really went for was the New Mina hair called Valerie and her she is.


She’s a bit hidden behind my book but I just wanted to show you the Free outfit first.  It came from Gizza and I thought that I’d shown you EVERY free Group Gift from here but I can’t ever remember showing you this.  I actually slob around my home in linen style slacks like these as they’re so much nice than joggies, but mine are chocolate brown not this dusky pink.  The top is also inc in this freebie.  A very nice, simple and relaxed outfit but if this doesn’t tickle your fancy there is a really BIG collection of Freebies set outside just at the LM for Gizza.  Outfits for both men and women, mesh and non-mesh.


Sometimes I don’t know how to describe a Mina hair because basically the pictures show them off to their best in any case and you can see, esp in my Nams skin n prim setting, exactly how they look in SL.

The demo of Valerie is in the main shop for you to try on but at the moment you can only get it at the FaMESHed event and of course if you want to go straight there then there is also a Demo out for you to try.on first, and of course, the demo will also be set out at the FaMESHed as well.  Hair and skin are the main 2 things you MUST try on before you buy because what looks amazing on one AV can look like complete pants on another plus you may just like that hair but then try on another and simply LOVE that one. You also need to try out all the colour palette options as  I often stick to the browns which is my RL colour but Mina has a whole palette of colours with the BEST red shades I’ve found in SL.   Each colour pack also comes with a 5 shade option as standard and each shade is different from the others, so I am wearing the mid brown from my pack of 5 and that means I have 2 lighter browns and 2 darker options.  You will know what I mean if you try them on.

Normality is resuming in approx 17 hours as my OH is back at work, woo hoo, and although it’s been a great couple of weeks with him off and our being away or just hanging around the house but I for one am grateful that he doesn’t work from home cos I would KILL HIM.

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