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Rush Jobbie! (Midnight Mania@Mina’s).

I actually cut Faith off almost in mid-sentence because as we were chatting I was note checking, she probably does the same cos we can multitask like pros and when I spotted this note from Mina’s I just have to do it.

This is what half of the note says,

“The next round of Midnight Madness starts this weekend @ 12:01 am September 3rd with the second round starting September 3rd at noon (12 pm SLT) Midnight Madness boards have a gift limit of 1500 and runs for just 12 hours each. If you miss out on any of these gifts, the Last Chance vendors go live @ noon (12 pm SLT) on Sunday, September 4th. These discounted vendors will have no gift limit, just a 12-hour time limit.”

So basically from my  scanning of the note, it seems you have only 12-hours(the minus depends on how much later you log in after this offer starts) to pop over to Mina’s and slap the MM board…so get slappin!

PS I logged in to LM grab and yes there is 2 MM boards right there, you can’t miss em.  Actually, they weren’t activated when I LM grabbed which means you will have plenty of time.  As it happens if you look on the Events board next to the MM boards you will see “Valerie” which is actually the hair I’m wearing right now and it’s the reason I dragged my ass around the FaMESHed event because it’s there.  You will be able to see that in my next post.

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