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Perfect 10 !

Perfect 10 HJM Designs (more of collection available)

A new round of Perfect 10 is open ! I wanted to share a few of the pretties with you that really popped for me. Above is just one piece of a collection from HJM Designs. This nifty little bench seat come book-case is super lovely, single and couples poses. The decor (lamp,starfish and ahoy sign) are not linked , love that – you can decide on the prims you use. Personally I like the whole shebang, but without the decor it comes in at just 4Li!

Perfect 10 Lunar Seasonal designs

Another great piece from Lunar Seasonal Designs, and you can personalise it to within an inch of its life. Seriously, each part has options – colours, lights,leaf colour,trunk colour and on and on ! I’m showing it here without the lights (they do add a few prims) but I did go through the colours for all the bits n bobs and choose my favourite. Keep an eye out for the tree trunk from this designer too – it’s SO cool, have a play with it at the vent and you’ll see what I mean.

Perfect 10 Bumbershoot

Bumbershoot have a lovely selection of “back porch” items that I thought went nicely inside my tree house. There is more , lots more of this set – these are just my favourites . Low prim and well made. Don’t forget there is a massive 50% discount on purchases made at the event! Oh andddd don’t forget some designers goods are located outside the building.

Perfect 10

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