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Ooo La!La, Stripped bare. (Freebie n cheeky bargain).

Phew PANIC OVER because my sh*t has got its act together and I’m prepped, packed and raring to go which is a shame as I don’t go until tomorrow.  That does mean I’ve had a bit of time in SL to grab a lovely freebie, a cheeky bargain and STRIP the sim back to its bare bones.


Say goodbye to this little stone as he’s just about to be deleted and he doesn’t even know it!

I popped into La!La Fashion to stand in front of the lucky balloons so as I worked through any notes/notices before I go I might also strike lucky on the Lucky Balloons which I didn’t.  However, I didn’t walk away empty-handed as this dress is a gift in the La!La shop but for SL free’s & Offers group members.  I have a feeling that I might have shown you this dress before but it’s still worth going to grab as it’s a lovely simple dress with a delicate texture and those folds look so realistic. You will find it on the wall next to the desk and you will also find other gifts, a cute short and top set, for other groups.  However, if you join the La!La group then you will see on the wall next to the Lucky Balloons is a whole lotta freebie’s and I do believe one of them is new.


This is the cheeky bargain called “my first top” and it’s in the La!La shop and yup it’s very cheeky and at 25Lds a bargain.  I’m only sad there wasn’t a fat pack as I would have been tempted.  You get a system shirt layer and appliers for SLink, Maitreya and Bellieza.

OK, The sim isn’t exactly stripped bare as you can see because that’s my house and Faith’s house is still up on the hill. Both Faith and I work in RL and of course have all the day to day drudge which means that since the start of the year we, I mainly, haven’t been able to do much more than chuck a whole load of green stuff around etc and although the sim was looking very nice, NICE isn’t good enough anymore. So it’s gone, animal, mineral and vegetable, it’s either been packed or trashed and all that’s left is our houses and the few items around them that we don’t want to change.  This way when we’re both back from our respective holidays we can start off the late summer/early autumn with a sim that has more going for it.

La!La Fashion