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Coffee break with naked pics to warm your heart up and a FREEBIE.

I’ve now got some time to kill and a massive cup of coffee so I checked out the marketplace and came across something I knew I needed if I had known it existed.

As someone who is constantly changing not just clothes but skins and makeup etc all of this gradually corrupts your skin/clothes/applier OK clear as mud but basically it means you end up with applied layers you can’t seem to take off.

XXXNaked use

Trust me this isn’t a big issue and chances are it will never happen to you because you’re SANE and don’t spend your whole time in SL TPing and stripping and dressing, zooming and camming and then starting it all over again! and of course you may not even have a mesh body or hands but if you do then this little gift from Ashton Tryce’s shop called Avicandy is super handy….damn that rhymed and I didn’t want it to.  The actual Hud is called “Empress New Clothes” and it’s a simple Hud you wear and click and any lingering pesky applied clothing.

XXXNaked2And here is a bum shot because why not LOL.  Actually, zoom up from the pert posterior and you will see the new Mina from my previous post as that retro backcombed look is much clearer in this picture.