Blogging SL

Inhales deeply.

URGH, I gotta get my sh*t together and sadly for my SL and Freebie addiction it’s time to log off because yup I’m off on yet another holiday.  As I’ve said before me and my OH like to take a lot of weekenders/midweek breaks throughout the year instead of just the one biggie and often we don’t even go away with each other BUT for this one we always do.  Our 5 days in a cabin in the woods which tbh is hardly roughing it as it’s at a Centre Parcs resort lol.  So lots of swimming, biking, using the sports centre and of course EATING which is something I excel at.

Since SL is such a major distraction and I have got so much to sort out with RL work and home stuff I’ve logged off for good till next weekend.  However, if I managed to get my “sh*t” together enough to free some SLing time later I’ll log back in and try to find a goodie to leave you with but till then try the “Womanstuff Hunt” I’ll put the link at the bottom with the big list of shops involved and very handy hints and hopefully that will feed you/my/our Freebie addiction.

But never fear because although I can’t remember when Faith is due back I think she will be back and posting sooner than me.

Till then have a great day and even hopefully a great week.BYEEEEE

Womenstuff Hunt LMs & Hints