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Still working! (Freebies).

Got a shout out for Freeness at Azul and FREENESS which is always gets my attention….as well as grilled cheese sammies, cupcakes and purring pussycats.

It’s been such a long time since I’d been to the Azul shop so to me its layout, design etc is all new but the freebies are a mix of new mesh and old prims but Dayum it still works so well.


Ignore the hat/hair as that’s from a shop long gone but this outfit called for some OTT on top lol.  Am I the only one who as soon as I put on a prim skirt does a twirl just to see it move?


Because I also had the black version of this hat/hair I decided to pop on another one of the Freebies from Azul.

OK going, to be honest and I rezzed n grabbed n ran and didn’t really spend much time in the shop itself but I will be going back not just because I think there are more Free to join GG’s, OK I lie it’s because there are more Freebies and I’m so greedy but when I am there I will also be having a good look around because you never know even a cheap B like me could be tempted.

UPDATE because I was worried the link wouldn’t work so I logged into SL and the link does take you right to the GG’s and I should say ALL of the GG’s as you will see that there is quite a few of them in various designs.  So as always if these two don’t grab you check out the rest plus I also noticed that AZUL has a special GG set out for just us SL free’s and offer group members which is the same top dress but in a green shade which is much more my colour.  I also noticed in a separate are that there are GG’s but for VIP members, I don’t know how much the VIP Group is to join and I didn’t check out what was on offer but if the Free GG’s are this good I can only imagine how good the paid for group ones are but you could of course just wander around and treat yourself to a gown or two from the main shop.