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The B is back with FREEBIES of course.

I was so positive that my 2 day seaside break was going to be sunny and warm so I packed my bathing costume and sun cream when really I should have packed a bloddy coat and umbrella! Fortunately we “Geordies” are hardy souls so we didn’t allow the rain, wind and cold to dampen our spirits and although there was no way in Hell I was going to put more than a tootsie into the cold North sea but we did eat oodles of ice cream and fish and chips and yes diet is restarted today.

So when I logged off from SL I was already wearing not just a free top but also a skin which comes with a BIG selection of Appliers.  Confession time because I normally just use my Nams prim n skin setting to show of skins but I forgot lol and used edited this picture but I feel no guilt as it is a FREEBIE and a pretty damn generous one so you won’t be disappointed.


So I’m keeping this simple, because I have to unpack and dry out all my damp clothes, and although I haven’t checked that these are still out for people to grab since I only grabbed them on Sunday they should be there.

PS I’ve just remembered that Elegance Boutique has not just this but quite a few old GG’s out for people which I’ve shown you a few of previously so if you don’t want this oversized shirt still pop over as you may find another treat waiting for you.

Elegance Boutique

Alterego & Enertia