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Can I recommend?

OK, this is a weird post even for me because I’m recommending not only something you will have to PAY for but it’s a REAL LIFE item.

I get a month sub box called Birchbox, it’s the Birthday pressie that keeps on giving month after month and last month my box contained a product called “John Frieda 7 Day Luxurious Volume” and OMG it WORKS!  It bloody WORKS!

It’s simply a cream that you work into your roots and mid hair in the shower on damp hair, wait 5 mins then rinse off. It gives a lift and boost to your hair and makes it look thicker as well and although it’s supposed to last up to 7 days I can’t go 7 days without washing my hair so I don’t know about that what I do know is I’ve had 2 weeks of great looking hair with minimum effort.

Honestly I’m not sponsored by John Frieda, I WISH, but as someone who likes to have nice hair and teeth, but doesn’t like using heat on my hair or am super lazy this is a great product.  Actually, I’m bloody annoyed with myself as Boots, a British Pharmacy/shop had an amazing offer on for 4 products in this range for only £20 and I missed it! But since I’m “worth it” when I’m away I’m going to be hunting down a Boots and treating myself to some of the other products in this range.

PS if you don’t believe me then check out the reviews on the Boots or any other beauty product provider and see how many others are of the same opinion as me.

OK thats my tip for the day lol, I hope you all have a really good Monday and I’ll see you all on Wed……with a tan and GREAT looking hair of course.