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Pure Poison(Freebie).

A Sunday morning goodie.


Pure Poison is the shop they come from and you may remember if you’ve been there before Poison has an interesting way of making their GG’s a bit more fun in that you have to buy them from the Gacha.  They still cost you zero Lindens but you don’t have a choice over the colour you get and in my case I got “Leo”.  And even better is you still stand a chance of winning the “Rare” and I did once and the rare turned out to be a full pack of all the colours.

As always 100% top quality and you have if I remember correctly 4 or 3 mesh feet options so of course I’m wearing my SLink High but you should be able to find a pair to fit your feet.

PS Remember to walk deeper into the shop because there is a middle courtyard and all of the old Gacha’s with Group Gifts are STILL there for you to top up your invent.

Pure Poison