Blogging SL

Guess what?

I’m OFF as well.  Yes I too am going away for a few days.  I know a lot of our regulars will think “Damn those Biatches go away a lot they must be rich spoilt c*nts”…cos I know you lot ain’t angels! LOL.  Nooo as I’ve said although I have a break booked with my OH both he and I much prefer to break up our year with small weekend and mid week breaks instead of just having 1 BIG holiday.  Even better is that we often holiday not with each other it’s how were still married LOL.  So I’m leaving him at home to look after our furbabies, and hopefully, do the gardening, fix the outdoor tap, replace all the popped lightbulbs and of course go to work LOL. I on the other hand I’m off to the coast with my Best Bud for a couple of days of fish n chips, ice cream and arcades.

I was and still am hoping to be able to get something else posted today just to feed our insatiable need for FREEBIES but my computer, like my OH, is on a go slow so if I can I will and if I can’t everyone have a brilliant few days and I will see ya’s all again then.