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DON’T PANIC! I’m still here…OK panic a little bit if you really want to but I come with FREEBIES!

See even Faith with her over stuffed invent, and it’s BIGGER than mine, still couldn’t resist trying her hand at the New Mina Gacha hair and if you  missed it she’s mentioned in her post that she will be more than happy to pass it on.  I think it’s because it’s the brown shades and Faith a 100% Blondie in SL and RL.  So drop her a NOTE, not a IM but a NOTE lol and I’m pretty sure that as soon as she returns she will send this lovely gift onto the first one she opens.

First the Freebie and you will be relieved to know you won’t have to unpack every freebie you grab from The Gacha Garden because it didn’t  come from there and by “it” I mean this cute shorts/top/jacket combo.  All linked so you can’t wear them as separates.  Excellent top quality outfit for FREE and there is a matching outfit for men as well.

You will find not just the freebies but a really nice friendly greeter when you land at Gizza so say “Hello” to her before you grab this and any other of the pretty large selection of men/women, mesh and non mesh outfits just waiting for you outside.


Yes I finally went to The Gacha garden event and yes I went Gacha crazy.  Even though there is a massive amount of Gifts set out in and around the Gacha’s there was also too much temptation and I spent ALL of my Lindens and I’ve not even had a chance to start unpacking both paid and free stuff! I need to attend GA(Gacha Addicts).  But at least my financial ruin will be your gain once I get stuff sorted into my keep and donate pile.

OK the Non Free but since the Mina hair is at a bargain price of 100Lds a try then it’s a super bargain.  Obviously you will have to take a chance on the colour pack you get but I’ve not found  a colour I didn’t like.  The front of this hair is a tight to the scalp hair band, the texture is reminiscent of a jersey type fabric with a fine texture not a knit as is the case with her winter hats etc  You also get in the Colour Hud a choice of whatever colour pack you won plus a 6 colour option for the hair band.


I’ve turned around to show you the back as well because it’s not just the wide hair band but also this very loose and textured low bun on the back which makes it stand out.  You will also be able to see that the scarf ends are showing slightly lower than the hair.  I should have changed the colour to make it stand out a bit more.

Never ever buy a hair, skin or a shape without trying it on.  I’ve been burnt too many times buying before trying so as always I will put the Link to Mina’s main shop because although The Gacha Garden was pretty quiet when I went you might just want to try not just this one but the other, full priced but brand new Mina hair, in lag free measure.  You will also find that there is another recent hair which has that great bun but not the scarf so if you like that but are not sure then make sure to check Mina’s out and try both before you decide.

PS I’ve just spotted next to the board in the entrance way where you can snag the Demos and LM’s for the 2 New Mina’s there is also a Discounted item set out for The Mix and suprisingly enough I wore the very same hair 2 posts ago, the “I come with roses” post.  So time to scroll back check out that post for the hair and of course Faiths post as she is also showing you some of the Freebies she did unpack.

Mina Main Shop

The Gacha Garden