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I come with roses, FREEBIES.

What can I say, usually a lot because I do ramble, but a simple mesh dress & shoes.  A classic SL style with a great texture and fit.  Nice touch is that in each gift from Allure you get a mesh rose:-).  Photo editing has changed the colour slightly to a more greeny but in my Nams setting it’s an equally lovely greeny/teal colour, my fav colours.


If the LM doesn’t take you directly to the Allure shop turn around and voila it’s there.  As it happens I sauntered into the shop in front of me called “Ravens Blade” because I spotted FREEBIES on the table and I’m a freebie wh*re so I snagged them but I’ve not unpacked them.  I’ll leave that for a nice surprise for you.

PS The “rigged” version of the shoes fit SLink but the “unrigged” version doesn’t so I’m not sure if are meant to fit another brand of mesh feet but again well worth picking up.